49: Nick Lyle -Beer & Salsa Review - Garduño’s & Garcia’s Kitchen

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In this week’s review episode, we welcome back a former New Mexican. We welcome Nick Lyle, owner of Nick Lyle Farrier and Forge, with a little double review action: Garduño’s and Garcia’s Kitchen salsas - Santa Fe Brewing Company and Marble. Welcome back Nick.

Nick Lyle Farrier and Forge: http://rchrismart.in/1WPzqJ6

Garduño’s: http://rchrismart.in/1WQ8JV4
Garcia’s Kitchen: http://rchrismart.in/1Xu3xVq
Marble Brewery: http://rchrismart.in/1UbqwBW
Santa Fe Brewing Co: http://rchrismart.in/1VgLCkW

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