Danyella Nava - Made Sew Modern- Episode 8 - 4K – Albuquerque Vinyl, LLC

Danyella Nava - Made Sew Modern- Episode 8 - 4K

In Episode 8 of the Real Albuquerque, Chloe and I talk with Danyella Nava of Made Sew Modern. Learn how she is growing her quilting business organically and through word of mouth. Danyella, also gave us an in-depth look inside the quilting process. She started quilting at a very young age. You can see her passion for the industry and her business through the products she makes. She makes quilts, beautiful purses, key chain lanyards, custom bags and anything in between. #madesewmodern

Instagram: http://bit.ly/20CSwzt
Pinterest: http://bit.ly/1SRxvSA

Clothing Provided by Free Clothing Co: http://bit.ly/1mr6t6J

If you could get anything custom quilted, what would it be?? Leave your comments below.

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