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Are you ready to take action yet?

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Dude or dudette or duderino, are you ready to take action yet?? The universe is waiting to see how bad you want it…

Would it be crazy to think that there is a world of abundance waiting for you? A world so extravegant and so on point with your goals, that wouldn’t know if you were dreaming [aka while you were asleep] or if it was real? Well let me be the first to tell you that all of this and more could be yours! After writing that sentence I feel a little like Bob Barker and the Price is Right. haha. Okay but back to seriousness. Life really does have adunbance waiting for you. Life really does want your goals and dreams to come true. But it isn’t able to move things into place until you ask for what you want. Do you want a new career?? Then ask the universe for it. Do you want a raise? Then ask the universe for it. Do you want to a new car? Then ask the universe for it. You maybe thinking okay Chris this is a no brainer. I have asked for plenty of things to come true and I have asked. What are you doing wrong then? Well you are missing a special and secret ingredient called taking action. Most people don’t have any issue asking for what they want. In some cases many many times a day or week or month. But what they aren’t willing to do is to take some action or leap of faith to make it happen. Maybe you want to live in a bigger house. But are you taking any action on that dream or goal? I.e. are you looking at bigger houses, do you have a real estate agent looking for properties for you? Maybe you want to start a new business. But are you applying for your business license? Are you getting your tax id information figured out? Maybe you are and if that is the case then you are ahead of the curve.

Many times though in life it happens differently. Many people are waiting for the signs to take action. Some sort of divine sign that will instantly make everything possible. What if I told you that the universe actually wants to make your dreams and goals come true. And that all the universe needs to make them happen is some sort of action based on faith on your end? If you are reading this for nuggets to move you forward, then that was it. You can stop reading now, ;). Hear are the steps to getting what you want in life.

  1. Figure what it is you really want. Be specific. Picture this goal and how it makes you feel. Let your senses experience everything in that dream [this is essentially how you ask the universe for your goals and dreams]. This also prepares your body and mind for action.
  2. Write your goals down every night and every morning. You need to see and feel these goals.
  3. Take action on your goals and dreams. This can be as simple as taking a test drive of the new car, shopping for houses that are out of your budget, getting a quote from a travel agent about your dream vacation. Whatever the goal or dream is you have to let the universe know that you are serious and you do that by taking actions based on faith.

The universe from here will align everything you want. As you manifest your dreams you will have to realize that your dreams may happen over night or they may take some long length of time. This depends on how big they are. But keep going doing steps 1 through 3 everyday until it happens, and if you do. They will happen. Keep moving forward.

Chris Martin

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