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Work vs Life — Let the Battle Begin

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Well we had a very interesting weekend with the UFC fights. To major bosses in the UFC game fell to their opponents. One of which is our home town hero, Holly Holms. Holly if you are reading this Chloe and I still love you. You are still a big inspiration to everyone. It isn’t easy putting yourself out their in front of millions of dollars, fighting for life. We all still believe in you. If anything we love you even more.

Okay as I was writing the title, I started to think about Holly, she really is an inspiration to all. Our battle today though is Work versus Life. This is a touchy subject and you hear it all the time from people. I need more work life balance, or I have a great work life balance. My opinion is that you need to have an all work balance. Think about it like this. If you goals are so large that a miracle needs to happen for them to happen then you are on the right course. How do you think you are going to make that miracle happen? With work! If you work the standard 40 hour work week and take lunch breaks. You are essentially only work 35 hours a week. That also assumes that you are working every minute you are at work. So maybe that really is 30 hours a week. I will tell you this if you have large dreams and goals, working 30 hours a week is not going to cut it. If you have small mediocre and average goals then it might. But who wants anything average? Would you go see an average movie with an average cast with an average amount of action? No.

Now lets take that 30 hour work week and minus it from the available time that everyone has in a week — 168 hours. That leaves you with 138 hours to move yourself forward. Now subtract 7 sleep hours for 7 nights. That essentially leaves 89 more hours on the table to make it happen captain. Now there are other things in life that will subtract from this number like: family time, driving, showering, the gym, eating, etc. But some of those items actually could be turned into or seen as work. Going to the gym and bettering yourself is still moving you forward, so that is work. Your car can be turned into a rolling university where you could listen to podcasts like this one — — or you can learn a new language, etc. If you spent 5 more hours a day working everyday that would add essentially another 35 hour week to your already existing 35 hour work week. You could double the amount of work just by adding 5 more hours a day to your work. Meaning that you aren’t watching House of Cards marathons, you aren’t becoming an amateur hockey player, happy hour doesn’t exist anymore.

It comes down to commitment. How committed are you to your goals? Are you only half committed? Are you only willing to give your dreams and goals a half-assessed [spelling?] attempt? Then what happens when they don’t happen? You go to happy hour and complain to people about how the world is against you or how you are tired of taking on new tasks at work…If you give your dreams and goals half-ass work and commitment you will get half ass results. Like always guys and girls, what you want in life comes down to how much work you are willing to put in. If you aren’t willing to work and you want work life balance, then be prepared to get average results and mediocre results. For the rest of you, dream bigger and attack your goals everyday like it is your last and your dreams and goals will come to fruition.

Chris Martin

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