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5 Reasons Why You, the Reader, Needs to Get New Problems.

Big Problems
So I want to premise this article with a few short statements.  I get the ideas for the content that I put out from what is currently happening in my life.  What I am currently learning and what I am currently struggling against.  With that being said I am able to put out all of the messages every week consistently, because I am going through these challenges, experiences and adventures, as we speak.  Well if you are reading this days, weeks, months, years after I have put this out.  No prob, Bob.  The content still brings value and comes from a time in my life where this was an issue.  I tell you this because these are real issues, real concerns and challenges that I have faced.  Not all the time to do I have the magic bullet or answer.  But I will give you perspective of what, how, feel and see the challenges and decide how to attack them.  

You need to get new problems.  This may sound counterintuitive to what you were taught or learned when you grew up.  Many times I have been told play it safe, save and hustle.  Only two of those statements really resonate with me—hustling and saving.  Playing it safe won’t get you to your dreams.  You will need to get new problems in order to grow.  Grow what?  Grow yourself, your brand, your life, your family, your wildest dreams.  Here are the 5 reasons why you, yes you, need to get new problems.

  • You are too comfortable.  New problems get you uncomfortable.  When you are uncomfortable you always are trying to get back to being comfortable, aka homeostasis.  But when you get new problems in order to get comfortable again you will need to fight, bleed, sweat, struggle, hustle and sacrifice other things in life to get back to comfortable-ness.  When you do that you grow.  Are you willing to get new problems to get to a new level or get a step closer to your goal?
  • You aren’t learning.  When you get new problems you are essentially learning new languages.  You are learning how to navigate new waters and rougher seas.  Essentially you are getting an education at HKU, Hard Knocks University.  


  • You meet new people.  Many times in life we are limited to our social, family and business circles.  When you get new problems, your life takes you out of your comfort zone and on paths and journeys that you normally wouldn't have taken.  Along these paths and journeys, you will meet new people.  Some that you will never forget and some that you wish you have never met.  That is the gamble.  But the more people you meet the more potential life connections you can make.  
  • You eventually, if you fight and hustle, will reap new and larger rewards.  Want to live in a crazy large house?  Then start searching for the house take some action and work your ass off so you can have it.  The idea is that simple.  What isn’t simple is IF you are willing to work and hustle the everyday to make sure you reap that reward.  That would be one massive problem, but has the potential for massive rewards.  This is an example, I am not saying break the bank on a large house, but I am saying if you get large problems, the potential of large rewards are there. 
  • You are confident.  People will tell you to stay average.  Just look around and notice what others are saying.  They will tell you thoughts of lack and doubt all day.  They will try to keep you from trying because they aren’t willing to.  Every new problem that you attack whether you win or lose will lead to success.  If you lose, you found one way not to do it.  If you win, you found one way to do it.  Either way you win.  The loosing route, will just harden you up faster and you will gain more experience.  

When you get new problems, you get stronger—mentally and physically.  Are you willing to get new problems and work your face off until you are comfortable again?  Then be strong enough to rinse and repeat, like the shampoo bottle says?


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