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Start With a Dream...

Over the last few weeks we have been filming our, The Real Albuquerque podcast. It has been a lot of fun.  We will be sharing this experience with you in beautiful 4k in a few weeks.  But we told you that to tell you this.  Over the last few filmed episodes, there is a reoccurring theme - having a dream.  And I say having a dream, which boils down to a few key items - the building blocks of a dream is a better way to think about it.  From our eyes we see the following building blocks that exist within a dream: hustle, faith, deadlines and accountability.  In this blog article we will talk about the third on that list - deadlines.  

Deadlines is what I am calling them, but they are really targeted dates of when you want your dream(s) to happen by and become a reality.  In Episode 1 of The Real Albuquerque, Chris Saylor, Co-Owner of Furniture Superstore, mentioned these dates are really like a map.  His example explained it as such, having a dream and not having deadlines or solid dates is almost like being a boat captain who sets off into the open ocean, but he doesn't have a map.  This brings up a few thoughts, so think.  What if you were going on a major journey [insert your dream here] and you didn't have a map that lead you step by step to your destination [date of completion]?  How far would you make it?  Would you get a quarter of the way there, maybe half-way?  If you are like me, who requires Siri as my map guide, then you might not make it far. Maybe you get closer than that.  Assuming that you could make it farther than fifty percent or even get close to your dream, how would you even know that you got to your dream if you had no way to measure your progress?  Hmm...take that in and think about it.  Let it sink in, as I start a new paragraph.

Okay new paragraph number three:  Now that we have thought about all of this, what is stopping you from creating and making your own goals?  Here are some tips from, Chris Saylor, make short term and long term goals.  You are thinking, okay we got that, but there is more. Once you have your goals written down, put a solid date of completion next to it.  Chris mentions that you may have to break these goals down into smaller goals to reach your bigger goals, think waypoints, pit stops, or breaks to get yummy frostee's on your road trip.   These waypoints act as ways to judge your progress, ensure you are headed in the right direction and also mini-celebrations that will ultimately lead to ticker tape and champagne falling form the ceiling.  Creating a deadline to a goal and putting it on paper is merely one of four things that we think is required to make a dream become a reality.  

Next week we will talk about the second pillar, to making a dream become a reality - faith. 

Watch the full interview with Chris Saylor here. 

Thanks for Reading, 

Chris Martin

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