"Because I gotta to have faith, faith, faith" – Albuquerque Vinyl, LLC

"Because I gotta to have faith, faith, faith"

This week we are talking about the fourth pillar of dreams - faith.  Faith comes in many forms, shapes and sizes.  It can be seen from the very small things in our lives to the very large.  From a very young age, I always believed that I could create the future, as long as I believed what I was thinking.  It is worth noting that whether the outcome that I was dwelling on was good or bad, it usually happened in some way or another.  I didn't put all of this together until my early 20's when I looked back at my life before and I saw the end game of the positive thoughts over the years.  I have a very vivid memory of me studying for a quiz on a book I was reading in school.  This was 3rd or 4th grade.  I can't remember the book, but I vividly remember the situation.  I was struggling to read the book and I was never a good reader, but I am working on this now.  I had a page of questions about the book that I needed to answer.  Mind you this was the early 1990's.  The internet and blog summaries of books were still a dream.  I remember thinking, I don't know how I am going to get past this hurdle, and get this done. But I knew that I was going to show up to class and have a some what intelligent answer to these questions about the book. I need to take a bit of an aside.  For some reason at this time, I wasn't able to read books and pick up on the signs of foreshadowing or understanding that this event was a metaphor for something in the character’s life.  I just didn't understand content like this.  I am and still am a much more visual person.  I learn by seeing things, seeing pictures and images of situations or even hearing about situations and understanding them from there. Written word hasn't been the way I understand life.  So back to the story.  I tried my hardest to read the chapters and go over the content to find these answers.  After a bit of time I started to find what I thought were the answers.  I thought I should illicit some help from a friend.  I called him on the land line and went over my answers and we had a discussion about the book and that really helped me.  At first though, reading a book and talking about metaphors, macrocosms, etc was my worst nightmare.  Reading the Lord of the Flies nearly killed me.  Not really, but when you are 10 it can be dramatic.  I told you what reading books meant to me at the time.  This is just a small story, but going into it I knew I was going to get it done.  I had solid faith.  This has stayed with me to this day.  There are plenty of other stories I could share.  But this was the earliest I could remember of it taking place.  So the concept of having a dream takes a lot of faith.  

Once you have your deadlines set you need to have unwavering faith that you can make this dream become a reality.  You have to feel it, see it, taste it and touch your dream through faith.  Don't picture a future without this dream happening.  I do this everyday when I wakeup, take a shower, drive and day dream.  I see the dreams that I want becoming a reality.  It really is that simple.  I even go farther and we make stickers here in the sign shop of the dreams we are chasing after.  I have these stickers posted where I see them everyday.  Once I see them, I picture the dream happening and I get goose bumps.  How you see and act on faith can be different.  Other people I know have gone and got pre approved for house they can't afford, yet.  Because it is very powerful to actually see and feel your dream in reality.   If you want this dream you have to attract it to yourself everyday.  No matter how big this goal is, it CAN happen to you.  Like George Michael says, "because I gotta have faith."  Next week we will be hustle.  

Here is this week’s book recommendation, and yes I have read this one.  It is quite powerful, so only read this if you want your dreams to become a reality.  Law of Attraction by Michael Losier

Thanks for reading. 

Chris Martin

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