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Hustle is sold separately.

Hustle is the third pillar of our dream series.  So you have a dream, faith, now you need to not just hustle...But a lot of hustle.  So much hustle that you don't give up on your dream at any cost.  I once heard it described as, the dream is free and the hustle is sold separately.  There will be many adversities along the journey that leads to your dream.  And that is where hustle comes into play.  Because you can attack your challenges, fears and adversities by hustling.  How do you do that?  Well for starters a good way to do this look in the mirror and get very serious with yourself.  Is this dream worth really what it will take to accomplish it?  Dreams don't just happen over night, they take time, hustle and in many cases take years and years of hustle.  It is so easy to get excited about a dream or goal and pursue it for a month or two and give up because there is a lack of physical indicators of progress.  Progress is hardly ever linear. It takes thousands or even millions of little wins and battles.  Each battle or small win takes you a little bit higher or further than you were the previous day. But all of this battles and wins will require you to do things that you haven't done before or make you uncomfortable.  Hustle though will get you past these challenges.  Hustle over time equates to experience.  And over time all of those little wins and battles will get you to the top of the mountain [your dream].  Keep hustling and keep moving.

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