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You need accountability.

The last pillar to making a dream become a reality is accountability.  Accountability comes in many shapes, sizes and forms.  Some of these are tangible and some of these are intangible.  It is really up to you.  In the Real Albuquerque Podcast, we talk with Jon Elder from Stone Forge Fitness and he said accountability was crucial to him reaching his fitness goal.  He paid his trainer to get him in shape.  The trainer provided accountability and the act of paying [or losing] money made him want to get his "moneys worth" from the trainer.  See so you can have goals and have different ways to hold yourself accountable.  In the Military this person is commonly referred to as your Battle Buddy.  You don't go anywhere with your Battle Buddy during training.  And you don't give up on yourself or your Battle Buddy during training.  You motive each other to reach a common goal, graduation.  Accountability takes many shapes, sizes and forms.  It is worth repeating because accountability we think is required for you reach your goal, but it is also uniquely you.  Your form of accountability may or may not be the same reason as others.  How do I keep myself accountable?  Well it depends on the goal. But if it is fitness related, I keep myself accountable, but not feeding my fear or want to quit or fear to not even try.  I don't let those ideas take hold in my mind and I make sure I go to the gym at least 5 times a week.  But I stay accountable also with the fact that I have a gym membership.  I budget it out, so that if I am paying for a gym membership that means I won't be able to other things.  This really means time and to some degree money wise.  Because if you are spending an hour at the gym that means that really you are spending probably an hour and a half of your time, that could be used to work, be with friends, hustle, etc.  But I view the gym as a way that I can work, but work on different abilities.  So in short for me accountability at the gym is huge never settle mentality, a big time commitment and monetarily loosing money through the membership.  It is kind of a little of everything.  So what is your goal?  How can you keep yourself accountable?  Is it to make a positive example for a younger generation [like a child], is it to advance yourself to another level, is it financial, whatever it is, find it and keep moving towards your goal at all costs.

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