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How to Start a Fire…

How to Start a Fire…

If you are in the wilderness or starting a literal fire you need a few things. You need a fuel, like kindling or lint. You need oxygen to help the fire grow. Finally, you need a spark. Once you have all three of these items you are ready to start a fire. Arguably the hardest part of starting a fire is converting a spark into a fire. You have to strike your flint a few times to many many times to get a small ember into your fire. Or you can go old school and use wood and rub it back and forth until you get an ember — think Survivor any season and any episode. If you need to help starting a literal fire watch one season of that show and you get all the tips and tricks you need. So fast forwards to you lighting the fire, right? You have gathered all of the materials and worked to get a red hot ember. But from here you have to keep that ember red hot, by adding small amounts of oxygen you can get ember to light the kindling or lint. Starting the fire is just the beginning though. It is really only half the battle. How to get your fire really hot and burning is how you arrange the wood. How you arrange the wood around your fire will determine how long your fire will last and how hot your fire will get and how much heat the fire will put out.

So what am I really trying to say here. What I am saying is there is so many small factors that have to be perfect for you to start a fire. The hardest part that we learned before is to convert that small spark, that small ember into an actual flame. Once you get the ember going, how much oxygen, work and hustle you put into that fire will determine how hot this fire will get. You can have a small fire that will cook some of those mini-hotdogs that you get at parties OR and I capitalized the or because it is a big or. OR you can build a fire that burns so hot, so bright, so fricking huge that it heats the whole Survivor village, it can be seen from space, the wood you use for it is a fricking tree. Do you see the difference here? Do you see what I am trying to explain? Well what I am trying to say is that when you build a fire, which is a metaphor for building a business, building your career, finally becoming free from debt, becoming the best at anything, etc. I am trying to say that it will take literally take the same amount of work to start a small fire versus a large fire. You will have to put in the same amount of work to get the ember red-hot. It will take the same amount of time to get the wood in place. Once you get your fire going, you then have to decide how big you want the fire to be. So what is the take away? Why, if you are starting a fire, would you want to limit your fire to just cook some mini-hotdogs? Why wouldn’t you want to build a fire that is so bright that you have to wear sunglasses. So big that NASA thinks there is a forest fire. If you are going to put time and work into a fire, i.e. life, why would you build something small? Why wouldn’t you keep adding more and more wood? Why would you keep the fire small? Maybe you are afraid of what will happen if you put yourself out there? Or perhaps you aren’t willing to find more wood to put on the fire?

Once you have your fire you are the ONLY one who decides how big it gets. Are you too scared to add more wood? Are you too “busy” to add more wood? Are you too weak to do the work that it will require to get more wood?

You have already started a fire. You have already put in most of the work. You just need to decide on how big this fire gets….….

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