L1 - What does your name say about you?

Posted on February 07, 2016 by Chris Martin | 0 comments

What does your name say about you? I once heard it said like this, no matter what you have, whether that is money, love, success, fame, power at the end of the day all you really have is your name. Your name is the one way you can set yourself apart from other people. Your name can say that you aren’t a hard worker or it can say that you are a hustler. It can say that you don’t care about helping others and are selfish or it can say that you share everything you have with others.

What does your name say about you? You will really need to step and think about this. It really comes down to self branding. Everyone in this world whether they like it or not is a salesmen that is promoting their brand. In essence everyone is in sales and marketing. They may not realize it, but that is the case. You are selling your brand to your future spouse, you are selling your brand to your clients, customers and prospects. You are selling your brand to your friends. Do people want to spend time with you and see you? Do they know that they can trust you, that your word is solid and that you are going to get things done? Likewise, people want to buy from a brand that they know will take care of them. That brand is you. No matter what company you are associated with or what position, you are selling your own brand. At the heart of that brand is your name. Your name at the end of the day is all that you are left with. Will your name be the name people think of when they want to get something done? Or will your name be nonexistant on that list?

In my podcast episode on YouTube I even went as far as think about it like your funeral. At your funeral will they have to sell tickets because so many people want to be at it or will they have to give away free food for people to show up. I know that is a very honest way to think about it. But it really rang true to me. I want there to be so many people at my funeral that there will be people fighting to give the euluogy. The answer to that question comes down to what your name says about you. I leave you now to think about what brand image you are currating. Is it something that you are proud of or do you need to change somethings and work on your brand. Whatever the case my be. Do whatever you can to make your name great.

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