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Prepare to FAIL!

Are you preparing to fail? It is a weird question to ask because who would actively prepare to fail, right? I know I wouldn’t. But so many of us fall into this trap everyday of our lives. When we were young before we knew about fears [false events appearing real] we could conquer the world, be kings/queens, astronauts, cowboys, basically anything! But as you grow up external judgement and other people’s ideals get pushed onto your life. Ideals that tell you that you can’t be a cowboy, what did you think this was? The wild west? Get a grip this is 2016! Why would you want to be an astronaut? NASA closed its doors like two months ago, go get a real job. Go get a practical job. See your dreams were all practical and doable until someone forced their ideals on you. Then you start to doubt yourself. Like, “Maybe I can’t become an astronaut.” This is one way you can fail, by basing your actions off of external influences. Take an assessment of yourself and decide if you want to go be an astronaut. Once you decide yes on the astronaut gig, your mind starts and tries to put all the pieces together. You try to figure out how to prepare for the job so that you don’t fail. You take all of this time preparing and getting the “ducks in a row.” For some reason I missed this day in class, which I think is a blessing. I roll differently. I just attack the unknown, the uncomfortable and challenges head first with a smile and positive attitude. I just don’t any other way to do it. While you are preparing to write this article and making outlines and fact checking. I am actually writing and moving forward word by word — period by period. In fact, by the time I am down writing this you may still have not started and I will be onto the next article or video or whatever. See the difference here? If you take all of your time preparing and thinking about the strategy of deploying something or learning how to do something before you start, your competition could already be way ahead of you. That puts you even farther behind the “curve.” What if you don’t take action and your idea gets to the market before you do, because you are too worried about figuring out how to X. Insert anything there really. Another thing is that the more time you take getting something moving, will give all of the fears that will tell you that you aren’t good enough more time to get louder. Don’t feed these fears with what they want — time. The only way to shut those fears up is to take action and to take action now. Because after you jump in and start moving those fears can’t hinder you. They can’t tell you that you aren’t good enough. Why?? Well because you are already doing what your mind said you can’t do, aren’t good enough to do and aren’t smart enough to do. You have stripped fear of the energy it needs to grow — time. When you take that away from fear, it won’t be able to prosper. It won’t be able to sabotage you. So next time you to start something, my advice is to listen to none but yourself. Because if you believe it you can make it happen. Secondly, just jump straight in. Don’t take the time to think about everything that can go right or wrong. Just submit the paperwork to start a business. Just fly to Houston and start training to be an astronaut. Just attack your dream with everything you have and then 5–10 years later you can look back and see what you built….


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