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L2 - Show up…just like show up…

Just show up to life. So many times people are too scared to take action and show for themselves in life. Then many years later they wonder why nothing has changed in their life. Or they look back and think about what could have been. They call this regret really. They see and view others who have shown up and taken action as people who are lucky or an overnight success. You know how you get lucky? You show up to everything that you want to do dream wise, business opportunity wise, or taking chances on yourself.

I remember when I was getting commercial drivers license. I was practicing for my actual driving exam and the instructor that was going to give me the test the next day told me something shocking. The day before the test we finished practicing and he said you will want to schedule another test for another day. He said you aren’t going to pass tomorrow. I don’t think you can do it. You need more practice. Many times in my life people said that I can’t do something or that I can’t handle something. As soon as I hear those words my body and mind goes into overdrive to either work so hard and show up so hard that I can’t fail or move myself in a direction that will lead to a success that will trump what the person said I can’t do. I have literally hundreds of these stories from my life that I could share here, but I am going to stick with the CDL class A license story. So I went home and hung out with friends for like an hour then went home. When I was laying in bed all I could think about was what I needed to do on Saturday to make it happen in my favor. I was going over how to perform the alley dock over and over and over in my head. I was visualizing myself accomplishing this task. The alley dock was the only thing that would make or break me passing the test. So I focused all of my attention before bed visualizing myself passing that test. I was imagining me turning the wheel and driving and backing up. But the instructor was basically telling me to not show up on Saturday and reschedule for a later date. But I didn’t accept his opinion as my truth. I showed up to the test with a positive attitude and such a large belief that I could do it. You know what happened? I passed the driving test and the backing up tests. The instructor used the words “you passed with flying colors.” So what would have happened if I didn’t show up? I would have let fear creep into my mind. I could have used the instructor’s words of you aren’t ready to sink into my soul and eat me up. But I didn’t believe him. I just took action and showed up. If I didn’t show up my actions could have gone stale. I might have given up and took his opinion to be my truth.

In short. Have some faith in that person you see in the mirror. Believe in that person that you see in the mirror. Show up in the mirror for the person you see in the mirror. Don’t let time pass on things that you want to accomplish because someone says you can’t or more importantly because you convince yourself you can’t. If you keep showing up for yourself and keep moving forward, there is no telling what you can accomplish.

Show up for yourself because no one else will. It is all up to you…

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