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We are in a battle right now.

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Fight for You… We are in a battle right now. You may not be seeing it or feeling it. Maybe you are in the trenches trying to fight your way to victory. This battle stems from taking massive action. Fighting for your dreams and sparing no excuses or believing it can’t be done. If you aren’t seeing this, feeling this or hearing this, then you simply aren’t taking enough action. You aren’t fighting for your dreams enough. Because you aren’t seeing any resistance. Nobody fights you if you are contained and average [there is that yucky word again]. I really don’t like hearing, using or viewing that word in society. We were all born to be great. But external forces want to keep you where you are. They want to keep you at a low level. When you are at a low level taking normal amounts of action, then you can be managed. You aren’t pushing any boundaries so nobody really has to either. When you start taking massive action and working to be seen and be everywhere you start to get resistance. Imagine and picture any communist country that tries to keep the masses in control. Well, that can happen in democracy too, right? We have laws for a reason. They are in place to keep everything in order. When someone goes rogue and keeps on fighting for their cause starting riots or movements they are met with tear gas and etc. Now I am not saying taking massive action is like starting a riot and breaking the law. But I am using that as mere example of what happens when you go above and beyond. When you take your beliefs, goals and dreams to the next level. What happens? People say you are working to hard, you need to relax, life isn’t all work you know, take it easy, you need to chill out, etc. All of these aforementioned statements are meant to place you in a box. A box that contains you from growing. When you are contained in a box you can’t do anything bigger than the box. You are stuck.

These boxes are placed on you by others, like friends, family, coworkers, society, etc. They are placed on you by people who aren’t taking massive action. They are taking just normal amounts of action — I.e, average levels of action. Average levels of action only gets you average levels of results. Who wants average results in life? Do you want anything average? Do you want an average salary, or an average house, or an average career? Of course not. Everyone always wants more. That is the nature of this society, once we get something we have to get a bigger or better version of that something. That is how it goes. But you can’t get to the next level if you can’t get out of a box imposed on you by others. So I ask.

Are you ready to fight?

We are at war here. War with ourselves really. One of the golden rules is that we are always, always, always in charge of our life. The person looking at you in the mirror is the person who decides — do you conform, do you go for average and get average, or do you go for extraordinary. I always remember a quote from the movie Waiting and it goes something like this, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” That is what we are talking about in summation here. Are you willing to take so much action and ignore the negativity? So much action that once you hear people say that you need to slow down, you really know that is a compliment. Once you hear those phrases a few paragraphs up more than a few times, then you know you are on to something. My advice from there, keeping stacking more and more wood onto your fire.

Here is a simple decision tree for you. Do you want to be average? If yes, then take normal amounts of action, complain about work balance and/or complain about why what you aren’t doing “isn’t your job.” If no, then put in so much work, so much hustle, so much wood on that fire, that eventually it will be too big to be put out by the average person and their small thoughts. That is the simply decision tree. I can’t put it more simply. Taking massive action means that you are going to be writing an article much like this one at 10:00pm then have a solid 2 more hours of work to get done before “quitting” time. You see the difference. You are in charge of your own destiny. Would you agree? If yes, then lets add that little extra and get the extraordinary results. If no, then I can’t help you. That path leads to a road that I can tolerate and ends with regret of what could have been.

Choose to fight. Choose to fight for you. Choose to fight your family. Fight so hard and push so hard that it has to happen. Day in and day out. On holidays and on Sundays. On Mondays and Wednesdays. If you grind it with everything you have every single day, you will get to where you want to be. Don’t quit, Chloe [my cat] and I believe in you. You don’t have any quit in your body. Keep pushing…

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