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Are you ready to ask…?

Are you ready to ask? Ask for what you might ask. Well, whatever you want. Are you ready to ask for your dreams to become a reality? Are you ready to ask that girl or guy out? Are you ready to ask for money to start a business? Are you ready to ask yourself for permission to get moving? Are you ready to ask for the sale?

All of these are questions that are going to get you either a yes or no answer. Many times in life we are at a cross roads where we have to decide to ask for something or convince ourselves why what we are asking for won’t happen. For me an easy example is when I was in middle school. I was at a middle school dance and I wanted to ask Sophie to dance, you all can relate to these days. Then I hesitate for a few minutes and someone else asks her dance and my chance for that moment in time is gone. Now did I ask her after that, yes I did and she did say yes. But I could have got a no answer too. But I was willing to at least ask to get that answer. As time goes on people perhaps start to hear no from friends, family members, collegeause and etc. Once you start to hear no you get it into your mind that a yes isn’t possible. Or evne worse you are to scared to be rejected by a no. Over the years I have asked for more dances, dates, opportunities, tried many different things and all the time I was getting more and more used to asking. But more importantely I was becoming more aclimated to hearing no’s when they happened. But after you start asking for the yes repeatedely and often you don’t focus on the answer anymore. You can start playing the law of averages game when you keep asking.

I still to this day sometimes question myself, but I remember that if I don’t ask, I can’t have. I have to ask, before I can recieve. This is the fundamental part of the ask. You can’t get a date if you don’t ask for it. You can’t get that dance if you don’t ask for it. The ask though sometimes isn’t to other people, but it is to the person you see in the mirror. Many times in life you ask yourself first whether you can or cannot do something. This is the first place where you can loose or win the battle. If you say no to yourself before you ask someone else, how can you expect to get a yes? You can’t get a yes if you don’t even believe in yourself. So here are a few tips to help you ask and get the yes.

  • Believe in yourself and believe in what you are asking for.
  • Be specific in what you are asking for and bring facts to support your cause [you might need to use them].
  • Don’t trick yourself — Don’t tell yourself no because you aren’t tall enough, smart enough, fast enough, etc. Just take a leap and ask.
  • Get past the fear of rejection. Remember if you don’t ask you will never know…
  • Ask repeatedly. You might have to ask a 1,000 banks before you get the loan to start your business, you might have to ask 100 women at the party before you get a number. Remeber law of averages. Work the numbers, they are in your favor.
  • Lastly, think, imagine and feel what getting the yes is like. What does the yes mean to you? Does it mean you are able to attack your dreams, you have found your soulmate, etc. But picture what the yes means to you in your mind, feel it, smell it, taste it. This might sound silly, but it has crazy powerful potential, so use it.

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