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Stay True to Yourself

In life you need to stay true. You need to stay level. You need to be who god made you to be. That is really what being true is. We are born as children, obviously, right? When we are younger we learn from the environments around us. We start to become who we are. And because of this everyone really becomes their own unique person. You become a person of what you are taught and your surroundings. But that is who you are. You are also a very special, scientific and non-tangible mix of genes that comes from your mother and father. There will be nobody else like you. Always remember that.

But being you and staying true is easier than it sounds. We are hammered with ways to be untrue to ourselves because of peer pressures, because life puts in situations that we weren’t prepared for, because the “other way” is easier so we sacrifice who we are. All of these are examples that you all have bene through whether you believe it or not. But they are all traps that will lead to you not being true to yourself. I only mentioned a few above, but life is filled with these traps. But being true to yourself is the only way that you will be able to accomplish your dreams and goals with integrity. Of course you can roll through life and ignore being true to yourself. If that is what you want to do, then do it. This although, will lead to you fighting your journey and path and could lead to place that you weren’t meant to go.

Being true to yourself isn’t always easy. Like I mention before, life is full of traps that will try to take you of course and try to make you sacrifice who you are to fit in or to make things happen. But you are _________ [insert your name]. That is who you are. You are a fighter, you are a runner, you are that child who thinks anything can happen. Be yourself or be willing to sacrifice your whole destiny for some small gratification.

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