Sticker of the Month Club

Albuquerque Vinyl

What is the sticker of the month club?

The Sticker of the month club is monthly sticker subscription.  Every month we send you out free stickers, yes we said free.  We only charge for packaging and shipping.  This is a one year subscription and is billed annually.  

What type of stickers do you get?  Stickers that relate to current events, random motivation stickers, other random stickers.  Want to submit a sticker for the Sticker of the Month club?  Email us at and we might make your sticker one month. ;)

To become a member just buy this item.  We are happy to have you in our sticker club. Below are examples of some of the stickers that we have sent out. 


Category: die-cut, printed stickers

Type: Die-Cut Stickers